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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.04.08] movie news scifi

Not many people have heard of Starjackers before but, let me tell you, the project has had a long and winding history. Originally conceived as a real-time space combat game, it was drafted into a feature film script by producer Pete Ford (Storm Warning, Wynter Dark) only to wind up for tv show consideration by an unnamed SCIFI Channel affiliate who ended up pulling the plug when Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica proved to be too massive a hit to compete with.

Instead of lamenting the fate of all his hard work though, Ford went back to the feature film drawing board determined to incorporate all his great ideas into one giant scifi epic. But, when the new Starjackers script came back at a whopping 300+ pages, it was curtains for a project that seemed destined to fall into obscurity.

Then, Ford was turned onto a post-apocalyptic webseries that we know well around these parts called Afterworld. He quickly realized that the web would be the perfect place to tell his epic story which is why Starjackers has started production again. So when can we expect to see the finished product? Here's what Ford has has to say about that:

"Geoff has handed in the latest cut of the show and I’ve managed to watch it twice now and feel confident enough to say that I think we have a good little sci-fi short film here... What I am happy with is how well the visuals stand up and the general scale of the thing. It feels big and Sci-Fi."

"In terms of timing it’s looks possible to get this in the can by the end of the year, especially with the greatly increased circle of effects guys that we can work with from around the globe. Next step is to lock the edit which should be in about a fortnight then move it into ADR for the dialogue fixes/changes then into getting the base collateral wrapped (matte paintings/CGI models etc)."

So there you have it, Starjackers in a nutshell. We've got a ton of goodies for you after break including a massive gallery of promo stills and concept art, and a very early promo reel that unfortunately has no sound for rights reasons. I think you'll agree that this project looks just awesome enough to save us from our mostly risible web series woes. Pete, if you're reading this, please contact us and pass along that new promo reel you hinted at on your blog... seriously.

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AHR (13 years ago) Reply

Alright! Sooo........what's the hook?


agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

Haha, if by "the hook" you mean plot? Your guess is as good as mine. Pete Ford is really good at divulging everything but the crucial stuff. I'm in the process of trying to track him down to discuss a number of his projects so we'll hopefully have more for you soon.


Num3rz (9 years ago) Reply

whtever happened to this series?? looks pretty sweet! :)

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