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quietearth [Celluloid 12.03.08] post apocalyptic zombies movie news

A zombie armageddon has spread across the globe and some survivors go for a mythical safe haven in the upcoming Devil's Playground which stars Vinnie Jones among others, and we're pretty excited about it. You can read our previous post here for a full synopsis.

Lucky us we got a couple pieces of concept art on the zombies on the film, and yes, they are "agile", so presumably that means fast. In writer/director Bart Ruspoli's own words: "With regards to our zombies in Devil’s Playground we wanted to do something different. Both with look and physicality, we stayed away from the “rotting walking corpse” look and gone for something more modern, scary, more threatening. Our concept artist, a young guy called Edward Wood, did brilliantly with the brief we gave him and came up with drawings Jonathan sent you. The story hinges around a vaccine administered to the population that causes the zombies , so we had to think along the more “technological lines” of what a man-made compound could cause, hence the tumours, boils and sweating blood element. And of course the agility. We got the largest company of Traceurs and free-runners, Urban Free Flow, to play the Zombies."

So there you go! Check after the break for the 2 concept pics.

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