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quietearth [Celluloid 12.03.08] movie news thriller

Talk about a wowzer! This sounds like an urban fairy tale but turns into something oh so seriously avant-garde!

A wakes up in a tub, realizing one of his kidneys is gone. While A is trying to retrieve his missing kidney, he meets a writer and learns that he is just a character of an unfinished film and he will meet an actor who will play A in the film. In the meantime, staff working on this film also realize the fact that this script is unfinished and start searching the writer’s house for the ending. A, too, busies himself to resolve the issue even though he is an incomplete being from a story. This film is a metaphor painted with intense scenes, describing how to complete a story while a director, a writer, and even a character in the story help each other, even amongst serious tension.

Trailer after the break. via AHT

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agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

Avant-garde is right! What was with the camera men at 1:20? Was that part of the film or a weird behind the scenes insert? Either way for a film that looks to take place in one location it looks intriguing.


Pat (14 years ago) Reply

love it. this seems truly original and very intriguing. also, i m doing a project on physical typograhical elements in film at the moment so its a good reference, thanks.

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