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quietearth [Celluloid 12.01.08] movie news drama

Director Paddy Jolley, a visual artist, got his start in film after dropping a life size dummy of a human figure off the 59th Street Bridge. Don't ask. But since then he's been doing a bit of experimentation and his first narrative feature is currently in development and sounds like a wowzer.

Ling becomes the hottest new drug on the streets. The source of the drug is a mutated strain of the more common ling fish, the Lingling. It is uncertain if this evolution was a natural process or deliberately engineered. The fish can only be found at a now abandoned Soviet marine research station. As the stocks left by the Russians begin to run dry Denis, an ex diver is recruited by the drug traffickers to search the depths for the fish. The Ling's only food source is the psychic emanations of dead mammals, which is maybe why it is only found in the holds of shipwrecks. Here it gathers in motionless shoals and, hanging trancelike, they triangulate the emanations between them. As Denis commences his underwater search for the fish he discovers he is not the first to try, and any living creature that comes near them is subject to intense hallucinations. This is extremely hazardous. Back in the cities Ling is starting to take victims on the street and the dealers back off. Denis is on the edge of life itself as he discovers the Ling forms an actual conduit or pathway between the conditions of life and death. He must escape.

I hope this gets made!

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cyberhal (13 years ago) Reply

that's a very cool storyline


Pat (13 years ago) Reply

yea, very inventive. but could be summed up as "zombie fish" eh? hope this will get made. i can see brilliantly shot underwater scenes ála Abyss with an even better horror aesthetic.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

diary of a drug fiend aleister crowley

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