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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.28.08] zombies movie news horror

From OneChanbara to The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers we've certainly been getting a solid run of Japanese schoolgirls vs. zombies movies lately and I for one welcome the boom. Uniform Sabaigaru is the latest entry to the genre and I love the Battle Royale style plot:

Seven school friends go for a day out to a theme park ominously titled "Survival Land." There, they get stuck into playing war games, fighting against park (dressed as Samurai and Ninja?) employees for fun. All seems well until they realise the weapons they’ve been given are actually real and the park staff they think are playing dead, are DEAD and soon after they become the undead. Trapped in the park alone, the battle becomes all too real, as they fight to survive against the ever increasing number of Zombies.

Uniform Sabaigaru is set to open in Japan in December and while there is an official website there isn't a trailer yet. We do however have three still for you after the break that come courtesy of our pals at 24fps.

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