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Christopher Webster [DVD News 11.25.08] movie news dvd horror

Lionsgate have just released deets on their upcoming Midnight Meat Train release and since we're down with all things Barker and I liked the film so much at the EIFF this year I thought I'd fill you guys in on what you can expect from the "Director's Cut" DVD and when you can pick it up.

The DVD is being released on February 17, 2009 and will include three featurettes; "Anatomy of a Murder - the Making of The Midnight Meat Train featurette,"World of Clive Barker featurette," and something called "Mahogany's Bag." No audio commentaries are being reported as yet which is a shame as it would have been cool to hang with Vinnie Jones for a couple hours while he explained what it was like cutting brown boils off his chest (guess you had to see it).

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default (12 years ago) Reply

I never thought I would actually see a good film based off of a Clive Barker story(LOL). Gutwrenching violence and slick visuals make this film a must see for any horror fan.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Really, February? I know a lot of Horror hits around then but this should of been released before you could watch this online and on Comcast for free. Why does Lionsgate insist on this movie make as little money as possible. I <3 Ryuhei Kitamura.

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