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quietearth [Celluloid 11.11.08] post apocalyptic movie news

Yup, we're excited about this one. From the news that they'll be shooting with the Red One camera to this spine-tingling teaser, we're already dying to see it. A film in true post-apocalyptic style, it's "set entirely amongst the foliage of a never-ending forest as six survivors attempt to rebuild a small fraction of the lives they behind." As I just got the press release, let's share some of writer Josh Hatfield's vision:

"The end of the world is a concept that has both terrified and interested me over the years what with the turn of the millennium, the escalation of world wide violence, and even the superstitious Mayan calendar mystery of 2012. As a cinematic sub-genre typically painted as big budget fare, it was my intention to craft a small story based around this fundamentally high concept.

The balance of both character and theme was the most challenging aspect of the script. Not only did we have to possess strong characters with believable relationships connecting them, but also in every scene it became evident that we needed to build a foundation of dread, and an overall feeling that these characters, although gradually regaining their footing as a surrogate family, were never quite out of the woods.

Another conscious element was the abrupt de-evolution from act one and two into a barbaric and visceral third act complete with all the gory details. Now having laid the foundation of dread we were free to take our now defined characters and strip them down to the very in- humane animals that no doubt caused society's destruction in the first place. Taking them from the brink, then temporarily to a place of peace, and finally back to the brink where they would take their inevitable plunge into the darkness of humanity."

Here's director Laurent Piché's interpretation of the film:

"What makes Aftermath unique is its ability to maneuver between two typically separated genres. Both Drama and Horror. We feature six equally engaging characters, all with their own personality and through line making for an interesting mix of an ensemble character driven drama. Conversely as the film unfolds we become aware of a building menace hunting down our characters eventually bringing them to the brink of both madness and survival culminating in a third act bloodbath. Films with an end of the world theme have recently become a hot commodity in both Hollywood and the indie film scene. What we want to show our audience is that even in times of crisis, humans have the capability of coming together. As people, we tend to fallback on what we know.

Like in the script, six random strangers pull together as a family unit with each of them matching a paradigm of family. Brother, mother, father, etc. However, even though it's the end of the world, Aftermath doesn't mold to the stereotype of characters turning on each other. It's just as much of an emotional survival story as it is a genre thriller. We feel a film such as this may be a trailblazing leap forward for the Canadian film industry to not only establish us as a country with cinematic style, but also a country with the capabilities of producing a film with global appeal."

To boot, this will be a green production with a goal of reducing the films environmental footprint 80% in relation to current filming standards. I wish I could tell you they're already shooting, but they're still in casting negoitations, but we are expecting a teaser poster soon! Check after the break for the stills.

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Hot Fuzz (13 years ago) Reply

Looks a lot like Christian Bale in the 3rd still.


Jeremiah (13 years ago) Reply

Looks great, the trailer f-ing rocks.

Can't wait to see it!


Luke (13 years ago) Reply

Wow. Amazing.

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