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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 11.10.08] Tuvalu news scifi dystopic

What makes these two behind the scenes videos of The Prisoner interesting you ask? Well, besides the fact that Sir Ian McKellen takes some time out of filming to talk about how huge the production is and how #2 fits into the story, the video about creating convincing explosions features the our first look at any interior set of The Village - the surreal and inescapable prison that holds our hero, #6.

The setting looks to be a diner or a cafe or something and it's loaded with retro, old country charm. Of course part of what made The Village so weird in the original series was the way it was ubiquitously designed to be both old fashioned and futuristic. Regular Quiet Earthers will know how hopeful I am that AMC get this right and, while it's still a little premature to tell if they have, I feel like someone's been paying attention.

You'll find both videos, courtesy of AMC's Prisoner Blog, after the break.

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