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quietearth [Celluloid 11.11.08] movie news horror

We've been clocking Stone Bridge Films out of Hungary for a while now, and before they get to the two projects we've been watching they'll be co-producing a project based on a true story of a haunted house in Florida. They've got a budget of $10M and have already done their own personal investigation into the phenomenon in the house, and the result? Yeah, it's haunted.

"When Kyle Stark saw the realtor sign posted: House for Rent – he knew it would be perfect! It was an old, ordinary house on the corner of a quiet street in a quiet town. It was just what he needed after his divorce; peace, quiet, warmth and security for his twelve year old son, his old dog, and his bird. But what was not disclosed in the rental contract was his family would not be the only occupants."

The film is currently in pre-production.

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Fenton Productions (12 years ago) Reply

Stone Bridge Films has formed an alliance with Fenton Productions LLC to develop and produce this (based on true events) very original motion picture, Non-Disclosure: HAUNTED. During our investigation, we hired several experts in the paranormal field to validate this haunting that terrified and ultimately caused these families to break their lease. Our camera crew individually interviewed previous renters explaining their horrific experiences. To this day none of the families have been introduced to each other, however, they do have much in common. While renting at this location, they all experienced the same horrors! When these three families finally meet to compare their terrifying experiences it will be captured on film as part of the behind the scenes. In addition, while investigating this residence, some of our own crew experienced the horror first hand.

We recently uploaded our teaser on YouTube titled Non-Disclosure: HAUNTED with video and sound bites captured during our investigation. Our Fenton Production website as well as Stone Bridge Films site has this teaser available. Eventually, we plan to post additional clips from the 20 hours of raw footage we have on file from this investigation.

This motion picture is currently in pre-production, scheduled to begin principal photography early 2009 with a fall ’09 release. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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