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quietearth [Celluloid 11.04.08] movie news action comedy

Those guys who did The Devil Dared Me To, a daredevil comedy set in New Zealand, are back with something that sounds so outrageous, so fantastical that I already want to see it. Bare knucle brawling women? Check. Men hunting whales for dinner? Check. Just read below to see what I mean.

"Inspired by tough screen stars like Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin and rollicking adventure films like DEATH HUNT, JEREMIAH JOHNSON and APOCALYPTO – the creators Matt Heath and Chris Stapp want to create an epic story of good and evil and set it in a quasi-parallel New Zealand universe.

The story takes place in the deep south of the South Island in the late 1900s, a unruly world where women have bare knuckle fist fights in the muddy main streets and men hunt whales for dinner.

An insanely over-the-top world exaggerated to the extremes, one that pokes fun of the iconic and historic machismo of the New Zealand hard man. The landscape is captivating and unseen by audiences before, the story is engaging and propelled at a rapid pace by the action and humour.

A bizarre boys own adventure tale, chiselled with strong memorable characters and enough action, laughs, violence and naughty bits to keep everyone happy."

No word on when filming starts, but I hope it's soon!

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