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quietearth [Celluloid 10.31.08] movie news scifi

WOW. This looks so fascinating I want to see it NOW, and while it's clearly done on a low budget it looks to be like some seriously insane cult fare. Huzzah for cinematic insanity!

"In a world of useless products, police brutality, pre-paid dreams and a list of Violations so long if you laugh too loudly you wll be fined, Misner Corporation has invented a new source of energy which has given them a global monopoly on all facets of human life, creating a totalitarian society ruled by one man, Misner.

Anyone not willing to work for Misner's regime, lives underground in a dark world of insane 'system dropouts'. Only coming above ground for the 1 hour of darkness which takes place each day, when a giant ball of rubbish floats between the Sun and the Earth.

Finnegan Wright, a lower level worker at Misner Corp. is taken on an enthralling journey when orced to live underground by one of the 'System dropouts' who convinces Finnegan that he can change the fate of the world by killing Misner.

A satire which comments on the way humans are so easily foolted into buying products they don't need, having ridiculous jobs and worshipping leaders that have no respect for the planet and everything in it."

Really you want to check this out, it's after the break.

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filmlyfe (13 years ago) Reply

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! This looks sweet. The music, the lensing the colour timing reminds me of science of sleep and eternal sunshine.


red dog (13 years ago) Reply

team fionn!


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Your director is hot!


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

About time some people put some effort into low budget filmaking instead of just shooting a bunch of talking heads.


fdsfsd (13 years ago) Reply

kind of a good concept behind it i think but most of the scenes were colored horribly and are in desperate need for a filter to make em look acceptable. the way the editing was laid out worked quite well though, drew you in and i want to see it.

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