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quietearth [Celluloid 10.30.08] movie news horror

The sales agent for Elio's next was kind enough to pass us the one sheet and a lengthy synopsis for his latest film which we've been waiting on what seems like forever. For those who don't know Quioroga, he did the fantastic post apocalyptic film La Hora Fria (or The Dark Hour), and while it STILL hasn't seen a R1 DVD release, you can get it from Brazil with English subs.

"There is a belief that when something horrible happens in a house, something evil, the souls of the victims remain behind, unable to move on, reaching out to the living, seeking justice for the horrors they have suffered...

Francesca and Pedro are the parents of a new baby, one that they hope will mend their tense relationship. But a tragedy from Francesca's past continues to weigh upon her and test her fragile emotional state of mind. The couple seek peace and quiet, and move to a remote country house for solitude and calm.

But they have made the wrong choice...a very wrong choice.

From the first night they move into the house, Francesca feels something is not right. There are sounds, fleeting footsteps, echoed cries, perhaps even apparitions...occurrences witnessed only by her. Pedro loves his wife, and wants only what is best for her, what will bring back the Francesca he knew years ago, but her increasing fears and paranoia concern him. The professionals they visit tell them that everything is in her mind, perhaps symptoms of post-partum depression, and that she simply needs to relax and ignore what is obviously not real.

But the house hides horrible secrets from a period long ago, when something so terrible that it can hardly be imagined left its imprint upon the dwelling. Incapable of understanding what is going on, nor to convince anyone else that it is real, for the sake of her baby, and her sanity, Francesca must communicate with whoever, or whatever, it is that is haunting her, and pray that they mean her no harm!"

No trailer yet but we should be getting one soon.

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