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quietearth [Celluloid 10.29.08] movie news horror

We reported on this upcoming horror flick not a few days ago and one of the things which really intrigues me about is that Daniel Myrick (Blair Witch, The Objective) is executive producing the flick. I know what you're saying, Blair Witch?! Seriously, forget that film, The Objective was awesome, so we're going to be watching this, and as such, I found a teaser I had missed in my first round of research. This is obviously some type of sales piece and is no way indicative of the film to come.

"Set in an old cabin isolated deep in the back-rivers of an unknown locale, a man lives a desolate, lonely existence. No electricity. No indoors plumbing. No means of communication. When a woman arrives at the cabin for some time away from a troubled marriage, we discover the man is actually a ghost. As she sets up house in the cabin, he becomes creepily fascinated with her. The woman initially has no idea the ghost is watching her. As time passes, however, she begins to suspect the other presence in the cabin; her fear builds as unexplained events begin to occur and as the ghost stalks her. The unexpected arrival of the woman's husband initially reduces the woman's fears, but the extremely jealous ghost begins to stalk the husband as well, causing the woman further suspicion and alarm. As the hauntings escalate, the ghost himself becomes frightened as otherworldly whispers -- audible only to the ghost -- ominously fill the cabin. Soon, another dark presence appears. This powerful presence, a malevolent figure dressed all in black, begins to wreak havoc on both the ghost and the couple."

EDITORS NOTE: Teaser removed at producer's request. It wasn't from the actual film, it was just a promo piece.

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sonaboy (14 years ago) Reply

the movie synopsis and the trailer look like they have almost nothing to do with one another.
i suppose i should remain optimistic, since the synopsis sounds pretty fantastic.


Haylee (13 years ago) Reply

hey im haylee and i think this movie sure dose sound scary and dark but i caant wate to see it and then again it probly only sounds scary because im 12


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Im excited to see it, since was at the film location. I can't wait to see to end product!

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