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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.28.08] post apocalyptic movie news short scifi video

Considering Factory Farmed was conceived, shot, and edited in just 2 days, it's truly a stellar piece of film making. It was submitted to Sci-Fi London's 48 Hour Film Challenge back in May. Entries have only 48 hours to script, shoot and edit a film that contains a specified prop and line of dialogue. Team "Rebel Alliance's" prop; a clear bottle with red or green liquid, their line "I am required to carry out this task until completion: your orders do not override anything."

The fact that they ended up with a superbly made cross between THX-1138 and A Boy and His Dog, is a testament to their talents. The costumes are also fantastic. As of now, I don't know who is actually behind the short as info on it is hard to track down so if you know anything about these guys let us know in the comments. Check Factory Farmed out after the break.

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filmlyfe (13 years ago) Reply

We need more shorts like this. High quality. shot well. Great costumes nice editing. Less "low budget" excuses. Well done to whomever did this.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Hi ya,

I am the festival director and ran the 48hour competition. Gareth Edwards and his team of FOUR made this in 2 days. Who says you cannot make a good movie with no money. This is a fantastic short film and amazing to look at.

More can be found at on our webTV page.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply


Really great short film!! Does somebody know how to contact the director?



Gareth (13 years ago) Reply

Hi there, my name is Gareth, I wrote and directed this short. Thanks for all the kind comments! It is really appreciated!!! :-)

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