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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.27.08] movie trailer news scifi

Director Chris Gabriel loves Plan 9 from Outer Space. So much so in fact that he thought he'd try to live up to his idol by making a throw back to the old B&W B-movies of the past in the same style. Made for less than his monthly car payment and shot in 14 days over three weeks, “S4” is a sci-fi comedy, crammed full of cheap special effects, over the top acting, extremely dramatic music, outlandish scenarios and silly movie mistakes. Here's what Gabriel had to say about his love for Mr. Wood:

“Ed Wood really believed in what he was doing. He took a tiny little budget from investors who didn’t want to make horror movies in the first place, some serious time constraints, and he poured his guts into that movie and everything else that he made."

“He didn’t let a little thing like his cast members dying hold him back from making his film. He found a guy who was the same height and kept shooting. Ed Wood absolutely believed in his movies.”

S4 blasts onto the big screen in Las Vegas for its world premiere October 29 at the Rave Motion Picture Theaters. It is also being independently released on DVD and can be purchased through Amazon here. Trailer and full synopsis after the break.

July, 1947 The 509th Bomb Group, Roswell Army Air Force base intelligence office issues a press release stating that a "flying disc of unknown origin" has been recovered north of town. Later that same day, the commander of the US 8th Air Force issues a retraction, stating that the wreckage was actually a weather balloon. Oddly, most of the wreckage of the is shipped under armed guard to Wright-Patterson Air Force base for further study. Some of the "wreckage" was shipped via limousine to a lonely patch of desert outside of Las Vegas known as the Groom Lake Test Area. Once there, a group of unidentified individuals were escorted to a desolate area of the base, know as Sector 4, or "S4" for short. ...that was five years ago.

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