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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.24.08] movie news horror thriller

We just found ourselves in possession of a bevy of new images for Jacques-Oliver Molon's and Pierre-Olivier Thévenin's upcoming Frech thriller Humains (Humans) and figured we'd post 'em up in our brand new gallery system for y'all. We've been reporting on Humains for a while now, spurred on by the alarming tag-line; ""Are we the only human beings on Earth?" Word from a little birdy though is that Humains is actually becoming quite a Z movie. Take that as you will.

"A group of researchers travels to the Swiss Alps to investigate a scientific discovery that could bring the whole of human evolution into question. The trip turns into a nightmare when their minibus crashes to the bottom of a gully. Lost in the midst of the mountains, the group must organize itself to survive. Yet someone, or something, seems to be after them…"

You'll find the Humains gallery after the break, and stay tuned because I have a feeling a trailer will be coming our way pretty soon.

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