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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.15.08] movie apocalyptic news scifi horror dystopic

I wonder if Czechoslovakian playwrite Karel ÄŒapek ever saw the future box office potential inherent in the idea behind his 1921 play R.U.R (Rossum's Universal Robots). I mean sure his play is less about technology than it is about the power struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat classes but the idea of human looking robots overthrowing their human creators has proven to be quite a financial blessing for Hollywood over the years. From the Terminator, to The Matrix, to recent tv winner Battlestar Galactica, we puny humans seem to be obsessed with the notion that our passion for technology will one day bit us squarely in the butt.

Helicon (not to be confused with Halcyon) seems to think it's a winning combo as well and are developing a film version of the classic play for release in 2011. Here's what we know about the plot:

The last humans on Earth find themselves trapped in the headquarters of the world's largest biotech corporation, as genetically engineered workers stage a violent rebellion against mankind.

The film is being directed by newcomer James Kerwin whose Yesterday was a Lie has some good imagery but looks otherwise pretty bad and hampered by a low budget. Here's hoping Helcion coughs up some dough and does this right.

3 men play "robots" in an original production of the play

Helicon's re-conceptualized robto

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Jerome (13 years ago) Reply

trailer looks great to me- i havent seen the film so i cant speak personally but im not sure what negatives youre seeing-

also according to the website its helicon, not helcion


Adam Black (13 years ago) Reply

I'm currently working to adapt Yesterday Was A Lie to graphic novel form, and have watched it a number of times. It's really a great flick, man. Definitely check it out when you get the chance. Kerwin's got a great eye for camera angles and moody lighting.


wdw (13 years ago) Reply

funny... by my count yesterday was a lie won 17 awards at film festivals - primarily genre festivals (including 8 for best picture, a best actress, best director, and best writer), has an awesome review on film threat and a stellar review on aint it cool... yet this guy who hasn't even seen the film says it's "pretty bad." classy. ;)


Author Shane Moore (13 years ago) Reply

"Yesterday was a Lie" (starring greats from STAR WARS and DEEP SPACE NINE) is an amazingly written and directed film that digs deep into the mind of an intelligent person and pulls out truths that they thought were previously hidden. A foolish person will not understand the genius behind this work and I only recommend it to those that are in touch with their intelligent side. The deep rooted symbolism in this Sci fi Noir places this work in the top ten 2008's new films!


Jerome (13 years ago) Reply

too funny... FILM THREAT just named Yesterday was a Lie one of the top ten films on the 2008 festival circuit. and this dude says it looks pretty bad. genius. well guess there's a reason he writes for QuietEarth and not Film Threat. :)


Megan Kirkpatrick (13 years ago) Reply

"R.U.R" is currently on stage at the ArtWorks Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd. Thru May 16, 2009. It is a great production, directed by Tiger Reel. for tickets (323) 908-7276.

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