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quietearth [Celluloid 10.07.08] post apocalyptic movie news comic

John Collee, writer of Master and Commander and Happy Feet, will pen the screenplay. Canton will produce with Mandalay Pictures, while Liquid exectuvies Gotham Chopra and Sharad Devarajan will executive produce the film with Atmosphere Entertainment. "In the third age of mankind, the world, after a nuclear third world war, is divided into two continents, Nark and Aryavarta. In Aryavarta the last kingdom of humans exists inside a city called Armagarh. The property is based on a Hindu poem about the blue-skinned Prince Rama, who undertakes an epic quest to save his wife after she’s kidnapped by an evil demon." This promises to be visually lush, so you should check out some of the comic panels after the break, they're quite amazing.

Check out more panels here

via Variety

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william (13 years ago) Reply

ive got a movie idea/story and ive started writing it out its gonna be a seller and hope 2 share wiv mark canton ive been searchin for his contact details so i could seduce him to takin interst in my idea hope it gets 2 himm

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