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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.06.08] movie trailer news

The first moving images from Wilson Yip’s upcoming Martial arts biopic, Ip Man, have finally found their way onto the information superhighway this morning. The official Asian website for the film, starring Donnie Yen as Bruce Lee's legendary trainer, has launched complete with all kinds of martial arts goodies. There are a whole whack of new stills, some behind the scenes footage and a teaser when you first log in. Apparently the English version is "coming soon" but for now go here to explore.

Director Wilson Yip said about the plot in a recent interview: "Yip Man came from an affluent family and was deeply engrossed in the studies and research of martial arts. At this time, his family undergoes severe changes, losing all its wealth. He has no choice but to take part in resistance activities, stirring up the folks to rise up against invasion. How would he and his friends and families go through trials in life, all these are in the movie."

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