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quietearth [Celluloid 10.05.08] zombies news short horror

Before you get all outraged, just hit the continue reading button and watch Anne Frank kick some nazi zombie toochis! "The year is 1944 and the Nazi army has become infected with contagious pathogens from their own biological and chemical weapons. The troops invade the cities leaving few survivors. Those left must fight the zombie hordes to stay alive. Where many people chose to run and hide, one girl stood and fought. This is the story of her adventure." No this is not a short film, so enjoy the politically incorrect faux trailer!

From the Vegan Cannibals

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

bahahaha awesome! Its really youtubish but its a good laugh. Id say anymore than a trailer would be too much .


Anne fan (12 years ago) Reply

Saw the 1959 movie with Millie Perkins just last night...and though it may be unseemly to say it, after all that sadness, it's great to see Anne kick Nazi zombie ass.

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