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quietearth [Celluloid 10.03.08] movie news action drama

Currently in development, Sacred Warriors tells the extraordinary tale of indigenous tribes living in the deepest mountains of Taiwan who practice ritualistic head-hunting raids for the glory of their gods. "Before modern highways cut through Ali Mountain, a ferocious tribe lived deep in the shadows of its forest. They worshiped their God by offering heads as sacrifices. In order to come closer to the divine, the tribe sent their greatest warrior, Mowo, to a sacred waterfall deep inside the forest to hear the direct word of God. After three days of waiting, he hears the Gods revelation. He returns to his tribe, refusing to look backwards in case the wisdom is lost, even when he hears the death cries of a woman caught in an animal trap. He returns successfully, bringing glory to his tribe. To get ever closer to the Gods, the tribe will turn to the cruelest acts of sacrifice, even sacrificing Mowo`s own son." No word on when lensing will begin, but theirs a concept poster to the right.

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