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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 10.03.08] Tuvalu news book scifi

No I'm not obsessed with AMC, there just happens to be some cool stuff happening with the television studio these days. Between their re-imagining of The Prisoner and this news that they will be turning the first book in Kim Robinson's popular Red Mars trilogy, into a series, AMC is certainly flying the flag for interesting scifi television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will be produced and written by Jonathan Hensleigh (Armageddon). Red Mars is an action-packed and thoughtful tale of the exploration and settlement of Mars-- driven by both personal and ideological conflicts-- in the early 21st century. As the group struggles to secure a foothold on the frigid, barren landscape, friction develops both on Mars and on Earth between those who advocate terraforming, or immediately altering Mars's natural environment to make it more habitable, and those who favor more study of the planet before changes are introduced. The success of the pioneers' venture brings additional settlers to Mars. All too soon, the first hundred find themselves outnumbered by newcomers and caught up in political problems as complex as any found on Earth. For more info on the Red Mars trilogy click here.

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