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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.24.08] movie news thriller

Like any hard core film buff I went through my yellow period, also known as a healthy obsession with Italian Giallo films, and a whole host of Dario Argento flicks obviously found their way onto my television screen. Film's like, Deep Red, Tenebre and, the director's first effort, Bird With the Crystal Plumage, were among my favorites. Well it seems that someone else likes BWTCP as, according to those news sniffing horror hounds over a Dread Central, Argento's been in talks with an unnamed studio about remaking the picture. Said Argento on the topic of remaking his classic crime thriller as opposed to the remake of Suspiria that is currently in the works; "This is much more difficult to remake because there's a link to Italy in the 1970s, which is a little bit difficult to do,” he remarked, ”but if somebody wants to do that, okay (laughs).” Personally, I'm not so down with anyone remaking Argento. I mean, who would want to? His films are fully realized artistic visions. Talk about pressure.

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