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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.23.08] post apocalyptic news video game

Last night I got together with a few folks to play this new board game my buddy was telling me would be right up my alley. And since it was indeed pretty sweet, I wanted to share the it with you all this morning. It's called Pandemic and it was put out a couple of years ago by the board gaming wizards at Z-Man games. No, it's not a game where to win you have to infect everyone else (though, now that I think about it that sould also be a pretty sweet game), but rather it's a cooperative game where you and your fellow gamers are part of a medical/research team battling various diseases as they rampage across the world. It's a little complicated to figure out at first but once you get rockin' its pretty challenging and you get to use your brain. So put down that old Star Wars Monopoly set and check out Pandemic! You'll find an image of the board set up after the break.

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garry jackson (13 years ago) Reply

Great game, but hard to find at the moment. Is there a conspiracy to have it removed from the shelves??


bad dog (13 years ago) Reply

There is a nifty free Flash game called Pandemic II in which you are a disease and your mission, in so many turns, is to evolve to a point where you can wipe out humanity. The trick to the game is to become widespread at first, then become more and more lethal, so that countries don't seal their borders (you lose if that happens). Check it out:

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