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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.19.08] movie news animation

I can't believe it's been almost four years since I first reported on Conan: Red Nails. It was back before I broke into the internet game and was writing a freelance column for a local indie rag that shall remain nameless. As a Conan fan, the decision to adapt Robert E. Howard's first ever Conan story using an allstar cast of voices (Ron Perelman, Clancy Brown, Mark Hamill) sounded exciting and, even though I knew it would eventually wind up in the straight to DVD dungeon, it still peaked the interest of the dark fantasy loving kid in me. The plan was initially to have Red Nails released the next summer and everything seemed to be on track. A website was launched where artwork was being revealed in a blog that was updated regularly (if perhaps a little slowly), and then nadda. Nothing more was heard about the project for almost two years (and I know, because I check the site every week). And just when I was starting to feel like Conan: Red Nails was becoming another casualty of some behind the scenes financial or political squabble, Kiel Phegley from MTV's Splash Page rocks my world by reporting that all is still well on the film's front line. More details on why the delay and when you'll see Conan fighting hoards of Xotalanc Zombies after the break.

This is what David Schwarcz from animation start-up Swordplay Entertainment had to say when probed by MTV about the progress of the feature:

It looks like we’re planning to release it in December ’09. We’ve been tweaking the animation a lot. Also, we’ve gotten some more deals going for live-action rights and other ancillary rights that we’ve been developing with the property, so that’s taken a little longer. But now we’re proceeding along with the final stage of animation and negotiating the final touches on a distribution deal.

We want to be part of the whole Conan live-action release or at least to work in tandem with them We’re very focused on this [animated] movie. We think it’s going to do very well and is very exciting.

So there you have it folks. The animated adventures of Conan are still on their way. Awesome news.

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Dolores Hemming (13 years ago) Reply

I, too, have been checking on the progress and have been frustrated at the lack of news of this project. I called Swordplay Entertainment and was told Steve Golden would get back to me; but never heard back. It looks like MTV News got lucky, though. Happy to hear the news, but wondering how it could take so long, after all the goodies we have gotten on the website ...four years ago, now. Thanks for the update!


Harvey (13 years ago) Reply

This looks like a helluva great christmas to me. Hope it will be really released


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I don't remember Conan fighting hordes of zombies in the short story.

Um...why exactly did they make it so he would?


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Just wanted to make a quick note, the first Conan story written was Phoenix on the Sword. Red Nails was, in fact, the last one.


Username (optional) (5 years ago) Reply

THANK you!


Kryst (13 years ago) Reply

This all makes sense now. They wanted to release it with the live action movie to boost their sells and lump their marketing with the live action conan. It's kinda like what they did with hellboy. However, the live action movie has been in the pre production wings for several years.


Michael Fisher (13 years ago) Reply

I've been going nuts trying to find any news of this movie that was less then a year old.
I was reading Conan back in the 70-s as a kid in Junior High School, I had the whole collection of Howard's original stories. And he didn't fight zombies in 'Red Nails'. He was trapped in a fued between two inbred groups in a lost city and faced some sorcery. It was a good story, no one has ever matched Robert E. Howard's style.


msharki (13 years ago) Reply

The REH board went postal when they announced there would be zombies in the movie. Can't blame them. If these guys are waiting for a co-release with Conan the live action movie they will be waiting a long time. I've been on that board since 06 when it was supposed to come out this year now 2010 isn't even looking good unless they rush it and turn it into crap. Which i'm sure it will be anyways with the horrible writters they have on the project.


demonspeed9 (13 years ago) Reply

I really hope that a bunch of new Conan stuff is made I totally think that Arnold should make Conan the King and someone new should make a Conan Saga movie or a movie called the Savage Sword of Conan hell the movie people brought back Transformers and freakin Star Trek let our generation share Conan with our Kids in a new way too.


wes (13 years ago) Reply

I have been wating four years to hear excitement is slowly going away,two years ago I bought a binder on this animated flick and heard nothing ever since I saw the zombies and guessed they will screw this up along with the movie coming soon!!!!!


Steve Binder (13 years ago) Reply

Who knows when this film is to be ready for release?

Is it still in production?

Who are the contacts?


Schafe (13 years ago) Reply

The only Zombie I want to hear about in connection with Conan right now is, Rob Zombie.


Blade of Onyx (12 years ago) Reply

I'm betting the reason we're going to see Conan fighting zombies is the powers that be won't let us see him as a red handed slayer of men. If he's killing people then how could they market it to kids?


BEN (12 years ago) Reply



Eddie (12 years ago) Reply

09 is nearly gone


Harvey (12 years ago) Reply

One year has passed so I am looking forward to Christmas so this great piece of art will be hopefully released...

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