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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.18.08] movie news scifi cult

I can honestly say that Repo! The Genetic Opera is the weirdest looking beast I've seen in a while- and I can't wait to see it. Early buzz is calling it an instant classic (notice I'm not prefixing that with "cult" either)and even though I pretty much hate musicals, I gotta say I'm down with all things Repo! these days. Everything relating to the project has been so well conceived its amazing. From pitch perfect casting, the heavily updated and interactive website, to the slew of propaganda style marketing artwork, the whole thing is a testament to the passion of film making. This official one sheet is also completely original makes me want to see the thing even more. Word is the film is only getting a a limited cinema release on November 7th and that the DVD is due out sometime around January of '09. You can see the large high-res version after the break. You can also find the trailer here.

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