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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 09.16.08] Tuvalu anime news scifi fantasy

Once again I'll readily admit I'm no anime fan but this looked too good to pass up. Blood, gore, scifi and a helping of fantasy round out this film Manga Entertainment will be bringing here to Region 1 DVD on October 7th courtesy of Anchor Bay. "In a world of science, sorcery is rediscovered and rapidly adopted in all areas of industry – but at a high price: an invisible pollution is spreading out across the world. Those who do not take proper precautions become infected, lose their sanity, and become demons. The Sorcery Administration Bureau, along with their Tactical Sorcerers, monitor magic uses and respond to any demonic outbreaks that occur. In this world, Ray Otto is a rogue tactical sorcerer who hunts down demons with reckless abandon. Given that he always gets the job done, the administration generally lets his activities slide. Together with the mysterious girl Kapel Theta, Ray risks his life and humanity to destroy demonkind... when the price is right." Trailer after the break.

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Hot Fuzz (14 years ago) Reply

Coooool... is that a cylon?


logboy (14 years ago) Reply

terrible looking anime drivel, this one. far more interesting films drifting through without barely any coverage online.

i don't object to the interest in it, but i'm fascinated by how quickly it's possible to see companies turnover new japanese releases into an american release (when they want to, when it's cheap enough or when it's sensationalist enough?) because this was only going through it's japanese release publicity in recent months, and i'm interested in how things get picked out for coverage because they're made obvious by a sudden (and still rare) american release for new or old stuff, and not because they're necessarily even that representative of the harder-to-find stuff which might match the tastes of the sites that can end up talking about bland drivel, just for something to talk about that looks vaguely interesting.


Ganaesh (14 years ago) Reply

This was... okay. Not bad, but not that good either. Right down the middle. If you're a fan of gore, there are better choices out there. If you're a fan of sci-fi, ditto. The story is good, but wasn't executed well, as is the case with most OVAs.

Nothing exceptional about this series. You could watch it, sure, but you're not missing much.

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