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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.15.08] movie trailer news horror

Director Francesc Morales invites us to explore human nature through the lens of a dark fairy tale centered on a pair of animals, clumsy Turtle and cunning fox who live together. Their stormy relationship intensifies when both fall in love with the Gata, which seems to be interested only in those that incorporate human habits. The first teaser just dropped and it somehow manages to surpass our expectation of creepy ten fold. We'll keep you posted on release deets, but until then enjoy some severe fluffy deviance in the teaser after the break. Some promotional stills are available in our previous post.

Official site for Humanimal

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G.H. (12 years ago) Reply

What did I just watch...?


quietearth (12 years ago) Reply

I'm not really sure yet..


Paul (12 years ago) Reply

That looks utterly incredible and a must-see... for me, if no-one else

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