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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.11.08] movie news

So word around the QE water cooler this morning is that a certain Chinese actor we've not seen shine on the silver screen for quite some time will be sliding into the role of Beggar Su, a character last played by the legendary Donnie Yen in Heroes Among Heroes. Yep, seems martial artsman Yuen Wo Ping (The Matrix) has managed to coax TV actor, Zhao Wen Zhuo, to bring the legendary beggar back to the big screen in what is being called a remake of the above mentioned 1993 flick Heroes among Heroes. In fact, according to the good people at wu-jing production on the film has quietly begun in the suburbs of Beijing. Besides being Wen Zhuo's first film since 2001's Sino-Dutch War 1661, Beggar Su marks Wo Ping's first directorial effort in almost a decade. All things considered we'll defintley be keeping and eye on this one.

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Rick (13 years ago) Reply

I've seen may movies from Yuen Wo Ping, but the one I would love to see him do is a remake of "The 5 Deadly Venoms". I'm sure many of you martial arts fans would love this also. Please make it happen Yuen.

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