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quietearth [Celluloid 09.11.08] movie news drama

Reminiscent both in tone and style, I have no idea how I missed this as it was an official selection at Cannes this year. I'm guessing it's probably because it didn't have a trailer at the time, but it does now. "Robert (Ezra Miller) is a sensitive young kid finding it difficult to fit in at the elite East Coast preparatory school he attends. He attends sessions with the school counselor, takes his medication and spends a lot of his spare time in front of a computer screen, glued to the images of sex and violence he can access. Robert's roommate Trevor (Emory Cohen) is dealing drugs, yet is the closest thing to a friend he has, at least until he plucks up the nerve to get closer to open, attractive Amy (Addison Timlin). Paired to make a video project together, Robert and Amy traipse the school corridors gathering footage, until a tragedy occurs that affects the whole of the school, and has consequences for Robert in particular." Check the trailer after the break.

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Marina (13 years ago) Reply

That actually looks quite good. It had made my short list of films to see but I had scheduling issues with another film and after reading a few reviews from Cannes, decided to drop it off the list. Now I'm wondering if that was such a good idea. Bugger.

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