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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.09.08] movie trailer news horror action

So far, I'd say that Max Payne gets my vote for best looking video game adaptation. John Moore and his team of ultra-violence loving misfits have managed to stylize the look without falling back on some new cheesy green-screen spin that's just going to date the movie in 10 years. It's The Crow meets The Matrix with a bit of Blade Runner chic thrown in for good measure, and that's a good thing. However I'm also detecting a certain stench left over from that other supernatural detective flick, Constantine. Remember that one, and how it wowed us at the time with its visuals but let us down in the actually viewing department? Let's hope that Max Payne has what it takes to reinvigorate our love of dark and stylish horror fantasy actioners. Max Payne trailer after the break.

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Marina (14 years ago) Reply

I actually liked Constantine but Crow is a much better film all around. That said, I'm hopeful that it's more Crow than Constantine though I must admit that the recent rumors about the film being re-cut for a PG13 rating has me a little worried. Not that a PG13 film will automatically suck but it's likely to detract from some of the cool factor.


tallquasimodo (14 years ago) Reply

Am I the only one who doesn't recall any actual valkyries in the game? It was just Max getting betrayed and running through New York in a blizzard and killing his way to the source of a drug called Valkyr. It was way more film noir/hard boiled detective and almost no fantasy.


Kai (14 years ago) Reply

The game had a lot of references to Norse mythology. Hopefully the Valkyries in the movie will be part of some excellent dream sequences.


Alex (14 years ago) Reply

If you pay attention to the trailers, you'll notice that the valkyries are not real, they are drug induced hallucinations. Watch the international trailer and pay close attention to the scene with the guy being dragged out by a demon through the window. Notice how from the inside of the building there are no claws on his shoulders while as soon as the camera goes out, you see the valkyrie.

This movie goes really deep, it's on my must see list for the end of the year along side Quantum of Solace.

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