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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.02.08] movie news short horror thriller

Did you know that, even before the cramped quarters of Cube, Canadian director and Quiet Earth fave, Vincenzo Natali, made a short called Elevated which took the concept of claustrophobic thrillers even further?

Completed in 1997, the 17 minute film brought Natali and fellow Canadian filmmaker Karen Walton (Ginger Snaps) together to create a tense thriller that took place entirely in the confines of an elevator. More specifically, the film is about two people, Ben and Ellen, who are thrust into adventure when all of a sudden, Hank, the blood covered security man of the building rushes into their elevator, claiming that there's a dangerous alien-like creature in the building.

To me, this is the kind of film that should be required viewing for any aspiring filmmaker, because it clearly articulates the secret ingredients to any successful low budget flick. There's great characters but also a screenplay that's ripe with a high concept, humor, suspense, and a gut punching twist. You'll find the entire film in two parts after the break. When you get 17 minutes of free time, it's worth the watch.

Elevated: Part 1

Elevated: Part 2

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

well done.....I just didn't get it!


Muffit (13 years ago) Reply

Well made! Very professional looking. It's not the monsters that are scary, but the freaking crazy people!


Berman (11 years ago) Reply

Meh, played like a student film with bad acting and not one scary moment. Big waste of time.

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