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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.02.08] post apocalyptic movie news

Considering The Road is primed to be the biggest mainstream post-apocalyptic film of the last few years it should come as no big surprise that we're following every bit of information we find on it and, be it big stuff, like getting our hands on and reviewing Joe Penhall's jaw dropping screenplay, or, like today, tracking down a couple of new images on Yahoo movies you can bet we're gonna continue to follow this film until it's released. But enough about my, probably odd and ill advised, devotion to the film. Lets discuss what we're seeing, shall we? Like the majority of the pics that have been released, these two images below show little else than Viggo Mortensen and young actor Kodi Smit-McPhee. Considering The Road also features an allstar cast, including Guy Pearce, Carlize Theron, Robert Duvall, and The Wire's Michael K. Williams (editor's note: who we've actually seen in one pic) I'm sort of surprised the studio isn't sharing a larger variety of stills to capitalize on the cast. Also, I'm not sure why one still is in color while the other is in black and white but I'd venture a guess that they were released at different times then uploaded to the site all at once. At any rate, you'll find them after the break.

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

great pics, but entertainment weekly featured both of these a few weeks back in two different issues. and if your looking for some shots of michael k. williams, i know of at least two: one of him and Hillcoat, and one of Williams holding a knife


HollywoodDream (13 years ago) Reply

Sweet pictures. The film looks interesting.


Wilcoy (13 years ago) Reply

Please stay on top of it guys. I am "The Road" post- apocalyptic junkie. Perhaps you guys might do a special "The Road" pre- release segment with pics and an article about the author Cormac McCarthy the book and the making of the movie. Just a thought...Keep up the good work.


roadrat (13 years ago) Reply

does anybody know when the trailer is released?

this must be the most anticipated trailer of the decade. totally and utterly psyched for this experience.


The Judge (13 years ago) Reply

I wish I could resist looking at these, but I can't. Mccarthy's The Road is my favorite book, and I have hope that this movie might get it right. I just finished Mccarthy's Blood Meridian. It's not as much of a grabber, but over all, it is a more complex and challenging book. Not as flat out engrossing as The Road, but a greater literary achievement. Might be the best thing I've ever read! Now they are making that into a film. (Which will be exponentially more difficult than making The Road.) If it weren't Todd Field making it, I would be bummed, But Field is the man! (He made In the bedroom & Little Children.)


kyle (13 years ago) Reply

aww man, i'm in that scene where viggo has his gun drawn. i'm so jelous.


joemichaels (13 years ago) Reply

I have an environmental science class and we are planning a class field trip to see this movie.

Although Cormac McCarthy didn't make clear what the cause of the apocolypse was he made one single reference. "...when people realized how fragile the ecology was it was too late..."

In the 50/s and sixties it was the Nuclear Weapons that were the threat. The new threat is Global Warming and envi4ronmental degradtion. You have to be blind not to see it.



Jonboy (13 years ago) Reply

There is a scene with the man in the bathroom with the mother, where he sees light flash through frosted glass and immediately runs the bath full of water, I took that as a clear hint to a nuclear holocaust, also buildings with melted windows and beams melted by the heat are described, I don't see this as an environmental/ecological disaster. We see the book through a lens of our current experience, so it will still work as an ecological warning though. Truth is that the non specific nature of the apocalypse enables us to place it within our own frame of reference and helps make the story so timeless.

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