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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.31.08] zombies news dvd horror

You regular QE readers will probably remember The Guardpost as G.P.506, a Korean zombie flick by Su-chang Kong that we covered all year- from announcement all the way through its production. Well, now those lucky Brits are once again getting an early DVD release of the film through Showbox Media and I must say, regardless of the name change, the disc is sporting some enticing cover art. A strange multiple murder case was just occurred. A squad of soldiers from guard point 506 has been brutally killed, all except one. Every body was either crushed, or had their heads cut from their neck. The only survivor is in coma and the case is a complete mystery. Military investigator (Chun Ho Jin) is dispatched. When he arrives it soon becomes apparent this is no ordinary investigation, he is confronted by the discovery that a strange virus is turning soldiers into Zombie like killers…! The disc is available on October 13th, but you can pre-order your copy at a reduced price through the link after the break.

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