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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.20.08] movie news horror action

You could say that Death Race is getting "stone" walled heh. Anyway, I came across this on BD today and thought I'd share. Basically, writer Adam Stone filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on Tuesday claiming that Paul W.S. Anderson stole his idea for Death Race from a script he pitched to the director for a film called "Joust." Of course, Death Race is 'supposed' to be a remake of Paul Bartel Death Race 2000, but we all know that the only thing Anderson kept is the name. Stone says that at least 39 elements in the soon-to-be released Universal film mirror his "Joust" screenplay. It remains to be seen whether Death Race will indeed be denied a wide release this Friday, as is Stone's desire, but I'm gonna keep my eye on this one.

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