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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 08.21.08] movie news dvd

That's right Asian cinema fans, both HK Flix and sensasian have a crackin' special edition 2-disc set of John Woo's historical epic, Red Cliff, up for sale and it's already had to be put on back order it's been such a hot seller! We've covered Red cliff before, here and here, but just as a refresher; "Red Cliff" tells the tale of the Battle Of Red Cliff, the culmination of an epic battle that took place during the Han Dynasty, with the goal of uniting China's three kingdoms into one, against their will. HKflix has a Region 0 PAL disc (sensasian is region 6 PAL) so unless you have a cracked DVD player (as you should), then purchase at own risk.

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logboy (13 years ago) Reply

that's a mainland china disc from zoke culture. there was one film in the past people rushed to the zoke disc for, only to find the picture was poor and the company had stuck their logo all over it.

i would go for the singapore disc of 'red cliff', as the country has a much better track record (save 'loft'!) for discs - the recent 'crows : zero' was pretty good, not perfect.

here :

recommended retailer too. another source of asian / japanese movies with subs.

if you want the zoke disc, you can (surprisingly) pick it up via also.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I found this thread from a forum that discuss Zoke's Red Cliff, the 2-disc edition is perfect !!

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