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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.19.08] movie news dvd

To be brutally honest, I've been growing somewhat tired of Anderson's ongoing dire and deadpan family dramedies, but I think it's due to my own shifting sensibilities rather than anything that the director has been doing wrong. Wes Anderson is a friggin' American treasure and Bottle Rocket remains a crucial 90s indie flick. That said, this DVD has been a long time coming and news of this brilliant double disc set fills me with all kinds of giddy feelings this hot Tuesday morn. The set, which streets on Nov. 25th, will also be released in single disc form for those of you not willing to shell out 50 bucks. Full list of special features after the break.


- New, restored high-definition digital transfer supervised and approved by director Wes Anderson and director of photography Robert Yeoman
- Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack
- Commentary by director/co-writer Anderson and co-writer/actor Owen Wilson
- The Making of �Bottle Rocket�: an original documentary by filmmaker Barry Braverman featuring Anderson, James L. Brooks, James Caan, Temple Nash Jr., Kumar Pallana, Polly Platt, Mark Mothersbaugh, Robert Musgrave, Richard Sakai, David and Sandy Wasco, Andrew and Luke and Owen Wilson, and Robert Yeoman
- The original thirteen-minute black-and-white Bottle Rocket short film from 1992
- Eleven deleted scenes
- Anamorphic screen test, storyboards, location photos, and behind-the-scenes photographs by Laura Wilson
- Murita Cycles, a 1978 short film by Braverman
- The Shafrazi Lectures, no. 1: Bottle Rocket
- PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by executive producer James L. Brooks, an appreciation by Martin Scorsese
- Original artwork by Ian Dingman

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VenetianG (13 years ago) Reply

Both Blu-Ray and standard def are $39.95 list price (which is a little better than the $50 indicated in your post.)

happy viewing.


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