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quietearth [Celluloid 08.18.08] movie news action

I do love the up and comers and this is clearly one of them. Jack Says sports a cast of nobodies with a first time director and seems to be a pulp/film noir take on the UK gangster scene with a hint of Sin City. Photography switches back and forth between color and high contrast B&W, now all it needs is some Cockney to confuse us over here stateside. "Waking up blood-soaked in London next to a dead body, Jack has amnesia, but just enough wits about him to disappear before the police arrive. A photgraph and a scribbled address draw him to Paris to visit Erin the Ex he can't remember. But a guy like Jack attracts trouble, and an encounter with the mysterious cabaret singler Girl X brings him to the attention of underworld figure Garvey. As he struggles to remember his former life and with the British police closing in on him, Jack finds his chances for happiness and a new life slipping away as he is dragged into a web of lust and deceit, with tragic consequences." Release is skedded for sometime this year, check out the high res trailer after the break.

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