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quietearth [Celluloid 08.15.08] movie news horror thriller

The lovely photography and the tense atmosphere make Dark Spirits something to behold. We first reported on this back in June and have been eagerly awaiting footage ever since. "When Eva sees her sister's murder in a dream, she tries to warn her. But it's not enough and her sister, Tereza, is brutally and mysteriously murdered. Wracked by guilt over the death, Eva has visions of Tereza. After moving to Prague with her boyfriend Jan, the visions become more intense until another presence is felt, the dark spirit responsible for Tereza's death has come for Eva." Dark Spirits was filmed on location in Prague and recently had it's world premier at the Shanghai International Film Festival. They are currently looking for a distributor. Five clips just appeared on their website today, and we've picked our two favorites and embedded them after the break.

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