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quietearth [Celluloid 08.13.08] movie news action kungfu

Hosting a cast of top notch national and international wushu experts, Kinta 1881 is set in pre-Merdeka Perak, when gang wars were common among rival tin mining colonies. “The main story is about how the Chinese came here, how they moved on and continued living in this country after 1881. This is also one important part of Malaysian history. The martial arts and action is merely there to increase the entertainment value of the movie.” The film stars tars former world wushu champion Ho Robin with three other national wushu exponents including Michael Chin, Kuan Fei and Shawn Lee; and world champion taichi exponent David Bao from China. Kinta 1881 is directed by C.L. Hor (The Third Generation) and will be getting a release this November.

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

I don't put my 2cents based on blog/media reviews, rather based on going into the cinema and catching the flick myself.

I did so, so here is how i feel bout the "Malaysia first ever kungfu movie":-

1) Visually it was done marvelously in terms of its cinematography and lighting and set build-up

2) Other than the above mentioned, the screenplay was poor and it failed to get the message across. (perhaps due to poor editing and script-writing). It's struggling to juggle between an art film and kungfu flick. If the martial arts an d actions was merely there to increase the entertainment value of the movie, then why hyping it so much as the Malaysia First Kungfu Movie, rather than a historical based movie? C'mon now...

3) Long overly-elaborated monologues from the openning and the unnecessary intro of the main characters killed the mood and suspense of the movie.

4) Constant flashback scenes from each character with repetition of shots over and over again causing lost in translation for the viewer.

5) The flow of the entire movie failed at capturing the attention of the viewer to get into the story, with much static scenic insert shots which seemed out of place throughout the movie.

6) The Ending of the movie leaves an impression of WTF for the viewer to digest the moral of the story in the movie.

One might disagree with me. But you are also entitled to your own opinion as well ;)

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