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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.13.08] movie news horror action fantasy

Some of you may laugh at idea of rebooting this machismo muscle fest franchise but seriously folks, as a true fan of Robert E. Howards character, I'm here to tell that Conan could severely F-you up. Conan is the kind of character that wanders into town, drinks 20 pints of mead, kills everyone in the room, sleeps with your wife, and then robs you blind. And you let him. He hates magic and loves nothing more than to rip the throats out of wizards. Basically, he's the man. I've always been behind the prospects of another round with the brooding barbarian but knew it had to be done right. We haven't seen Outlander yet but early buzz insists that someone has finally done a Viking flick right. Someone at Lionsgate obviously thinks so as well as the film's writers, Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain, have been hired on to take a crack at making the script more in line with Howard's world and character. Now if only they would hire Neil Marshall on to direct, as has been rumored, I'd be deliriously happy.

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