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quietearth [Celluloid 08.08.08] movie news action samurai

Word came from the Afro Samurai panel at this years SDCC that Samuel L Jackson is digging a live action version of their hit anime series Afro Samurai. "We have a live-action plan,” Jackson revealed, saying that he wants to see Afro’s battle with Number One up on the big screen with flesh-and-blood actors. “Hopefully, that script will come together and we’ll be able to do that in the next two years or so.” Jackson said he wouldn't play the lead but instead would play the dead father, providing spiritual guidance and advice. When asked who he wanted for the main role he said Andre 3000. Werd, I think that's a good choice, he was awesome with his afro in Semi-Pro. Here's hoping it gets made!

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Aiden (13 years ago) Reply

I dunno if the anime styled hack and slash can/will translate onto the big screen as a live action.

Time will tell i guess


zack thomas (11 years ago) Reply

are you serious of course it can...look at any movie by the slasher genius Quentin Tarantino!!!

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