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quietearth [Celluloid 07.29.08] news webseries

Coming out out of my favorite country (besides my own) is Dario Cioni's webisode take on Sin City, with sweet special effects and seemingly all sorts of gangster action. I say seemingly because I don't speak Italian (I really should have learned), and except for Andy Garcia the whole thing looks quite amazing. Dario has worked on a few commercials as well as some other internet ventures and is branching out now, so hopefully we're going to get to see this soon with some English subtitles. We've got an embedded trailer after the break, but I recommend hitting the official website for the high-res version. UPDATE: The series will be released this September and whether or not it will have English subtitles is still up in the air. If not, hopefully someone will make some fansubs.

Official website with high-res version

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NAPOLEONE (13 years ago) Reply

Hi, I'm NAPOLONE, one of the character of "Tigri di Carta"... I wanna say thanks to Dario for his lovely work with the actors and I guess the audience will love this this amazing movie!


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

It is nice to see Andy Garcia in this video. I still don't know what is this video clip about. Is it a commercial or a movie? When is it coming out and where can we see it?


Plan9 (13 years ago) Reply

Hi, I'm italian and I could make it more clear for non-italian people.

This is the plot of the movie: Rocco and Enea are two dreamers working for a mysterious organization called "Il Gruppo Tigri".
Their weapon is the fantasy. Their task is understand what made the magical creatures, they really exist despite the clichés.
Fairies, vampires and others creatures able to open a crack in the greyness of a society that mortifying the dreamers.
But magical creatures have now disappeared into thin air.
Ugo, 40 years, chronic unemployed, is the kind capable of ending up in trouble rather give up a bar. Enea, 50 years and a past life inside "Il Gruppo Tigri".
Rocco and Enea have to understand together what is happening to magical creatures.

The serial-movie is composed of 14 episode 3 minutes lenght each. The story of each episode was chosen by a contest for new authors directly on internet. The secondary actors were chosen by the same way.
It look like a noir movie a la Sin City but much more b-movish.

I don't know anything more than this... but I hope that it's enough at the moment ;)


quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

thanks for the rundown plan9!

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