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quietearth [Celluloid 07.28.08] movie news horror

Sporting some serious good reviews, Martyrs is playing fests all over the place but will it be coming to a theater or video store near us soon? Probably not, so for the time being, let's enjoy the footage. "France. A night at the beginning of the 1970s. Lucie, a little girl missing for over a year, is discovered wandering by the side of a country road. Near catatonic, she can say nothing about what has happened to her. The cops quickly find the place in which she's been incarcerated - a disused slaughterhouse. Every indication is that she never once left the empty, freezing room in which she was imprisoned. Filthy, starving, dehydrated, the child's body nonetheless bears no traces of sexual abuse - this was no pedophile abduction, but something far stranger. What happened in that icy room? And how did Lucie escape?" Trailer following.

Trailer in HD

via The Gomorrahizer

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