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quietearth [Celluloid 07.27.08] news scifi comedy webseries

Part comedy, part porno, part intellectual masturbation, The Fold looks like it could go the way of underground cult hit, what with the scifi, the time traveling, and the over the top hedonism. I got an email from Polly Frost, one of the co-writers on the show to let us know this on-going webisode mini-series will be starting August 4th, and I'm already intrigued. "Directed by Matt Lambert from a script by Matt Lambert, Polly Frost, and Ray Sawhill, THE FOLD is a comic, dreamy, and philosophical six-part web series — season one of a projected ongoing mini-epic. Part sci-fi, part sex comedy, part art movie, THE FOLD interweaves stories involving a time-traveling geek with Aspergers Syndrome, an investigation by a Gaming Babes Magazine reporter, a sex-cult guru, a right-wing CEO determined to remake history, and a New Jersey hot tub salesman for whom things mysteriously start to go the right way." Check out the NSFW trailer after the break!

The Fold official website

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cyberhal (14 years ago) Reply

me too. i'm going to check this out.

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