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quietearth [Celluloid 07.27.08] zombies movie news action

From our friend Avery comes news of a film we somehow missed, one which has been sitting on Troma's news page for quite a while because... guess who's in it? If you said Lloyd Kaufman you're right! While this is low budget it actually looks pretty good, with some cheap martial arts and some pretty decent zombie makeup. "Jack works an easy job at the movie theater with his pal Nick, a sci-fi geek, and his aspiring actress girlfriend, Sharon. He used to be a pretty good painter, but there isn't much inspiration in this zombie-like existence. All of that is about to change. Enter Marcus, a pissed off ninja-in-training with something to prove. Fueled by disgust for Jack's apathy and a cruel sensei, Marcus takes it upon himself to teach a brutal lesson: Great art comes from great pain. What follows is a bloody trail of seduction, murder and maiming that only a ninja can inflict. Now, painting in a frenzy, Jack must fight not only for his art, but his life." There's a trailer and a teaser after the break!



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