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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.23.08] movie trailer news

Well I knew that Weinstein Co. were planning to pump out a remake of Akira Kurasawa's Seven Samurai with Forbidden Kingdom's John Fusco writing but I didn't know about this! Of course I'm having trouble deciding whether I think Hiroyuki Nakano's (Samurai Fiction) film will be some kind of post-modernist nightmare or whether it's actually really cool. For one thing, the trailers (as well as the awesome website) are all punctuated with Rolling Stones songs which adds another 70s element to the already gritty look of the film. It also has an allstar cast which includes Sonny Chiba and Nagase Masatoshi. However, and don't ask me how or why, the film is being made for release on a "pachinko" machine (which is like VLT or slot machine in Japan). So yeah, more confusion and weirdness to swallow with this one.

Watch the trailers on the Seven Samurai Website


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