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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.23.08] post apocalyptic apocalyptic news book comic

Well they promised us more stuff from The Stand and, true to their word, the lads over at AICN have delivered with a whole whack of character art by Mike Perkins. After the break you'll get a look at all the major players in King's epic PA tome; Trashcan man, Frannie, Randall Flagg, Larry and Nick. Expect The Stand series to run as five arcs over six issues for a 30 issues total. One thing we haven't discussed around here is the mini-series of The Stand from 1994. While it was a valiant attempt, I thought it, like so many King adaptations from the 80s and 90s, was sorely lacking in style and scares. With a resurgence in popularity of King adaptations, I kind of hope to see some of his books redone as films, particularly The Stand. Do you have a favorite King book you'd love to see adapted into film? My dream projects were always The Mist and The Long Walk, so one down two to go.

Head over AICN for the complete interview with artist Mike Perkins.

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M-o-o-n_that_spells_anything (14 years ago) Reply

I wonder if the characters from the miniseries will influence the comics depictions of the characters. The bottom character - Nick Andros looks like the televison version played by Rob Lowe.


sonaboy (14 years ago) Reply

kinda disappointed in Flagg. I always pictured him as more clean cut and with this wicked 1000 yard stare. It looks like they're trying to make into some sort of Manson-like caricature. This is a guy who's supposed to be politically connected, "roll with the big dogs" type of guy. He looks more like a homeless guy in this version.

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