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quietearth [Celluloid 07.18.08] Tuvalu movie news

Wow, it seems we're light on actual meat and potatoes this week but heavy on itty bitty news. We've got a few things to report so we'll cover them all in here. Starting off, our friends at Dread Central got an exclusive, reporting that George Romero's Diary of the Dead 2 is supposed to shart shooting this September. Let's hope this is true even though we all know DOTD sucked, but hey, it'll probably be post apocalyptic and we'll watch it anyways. Next we have some great TV news from Spain about a show called Pluton BRB Nero which will be helmed by Alex de la Iglesia who did The Oxford Murders. Pluto is a "comedy set in the year 2530, the sci-fi skein narrates the adventures of a group of marines, who cross space searching for a inhabitable planet because the Earth is covered by buildings." I do love me some overpopulation. Shooting began on the 26 35 minute episodes on June 16th with a skedded release of September. No word on when we'll get English subs. In remake news, the 80s classic Valley Girl which starred Nicolas Cage is supposed to get a musical remake courtesy of MGM and will sport classic 80s music, nice. Forgive me for reporting this but I love 80s films. In more redux news, the classic Papillon will get another go as part of a Spanish/US co-production with a 90$ million budget. For those who haven't seen the original which stars Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, I recommend it, but it's nothing compared to the epic 1000+ page book so I'm actually looking forward to this. Here's hoping they can do it better justice. Lastly we have more news from BD about genre favorite Brad Anderson who did the incredible flick The Machinist. He's got a few films in the works, one of them being post-apocalyptic which is called Vanishing but unfortunately there is no details. But even better he's looking into doing one of J.G. Ballard's stories called Concrete Island and Christian Bale has expressed interest in starring as the lead. I'm a MASSIVE Ballard fan and as I predicted it looks like the run on his work is started, and for those who missed it, Vincenzo Natali's next project is supposedly Ballard's awesome High Rise. YES! That's all for now folks.

Variety: Pluto
Variety: Valley Girl
Variety: Papillon

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