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Hal MacDermot [Celluloid 07.18.08] post apocalyptic news radio

I was listening to BBC radio on the internet yesterday and stumbled across this: "I Wish to Apologise for My Part in the Apocalypse, by Duncan Macmillan. A romantic comedy about the end of the world, a woman who falls in love with the moon, and her husband who falls back in love with her. With Bill Nighy and Amelia Bullimore." True, it's not a movie, but Bill Nighy (Underworld, Love Actually) is a God to me, so I have to share. I Wish to Apologize is a 45 minute radio drama that works around romance, psychology and ideas, rather than action and suspense. Think "gentle thought provoking" drama rather than "blood soaked action ride." I won't go into the plot details, but it's really all about the moon and the night sky, Bill gives a fine performance, and it's worth a listen. I Wish to Apologize is on the BBC's regular Afternoon Play series and is available online until 24 July, then it's history. Link to show after the break.

I wish to apologize radio show

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